What Is a Hickey? Is it Dangerous? Does it Hurt? How Do You Get or Give a Hickey? Pictures & Excuses

What is a hickey and how do you get it? This post delves deep into the meaning of a hickey. Read on to learn how you can get a hickey and how it looks like. Is a hickey dangerous? Can it kill you? In case you happen to get one, how can you remove it? Instead, which excuses can you give if you can’t get rid of it? Can you hide a hickey? These and more other pertinent issues about hickeys that are often discussed in different fora are what this post seeks to address. Also included are exceptional pictures of hickeys and related matters. So, if you crave to know much more about what a hickey is, you are in the right place.

What Is a Hickey?

So, what really is this hickey that elicits fun and giggling whenever you happens to have it? We shall begin by giving a clear definition of a hickey. Oxford Learners Dictionary defines a hickey as “a red mark on the skin that is caused by somebody biting or sucking their partner’s skin when they are kissing”.

What is a hickey? A hickey on the neck
A hickey on the neck

Clearly, a hickey is an inflammation on the skin that is tender and reddened. The inflammation is as a result of broken blood vessels, specifically out of being bruised by your lover during romantic activities that involve kissing. It may be caused by an aggressive kissing or sucking on the parts of the body that have soft tissues, especially in the neck. Also, during kissing, a lover may give a slight passionate bite on the skin with his or her teeth and cause a hickey to develop.

A hickey is also known as a hickie. Often, the terms kiss mark or love bite are used to refer to a hickey. However, the term love bite may strictly refer to some other kind of a similar bruise. The subtle difference lies on how the bruise is received. A love bite may therefore, as the word suggests, be a bruise picked up from an affection nip with teeth by a lover.  Generally, the names mentioned are all used to refer to a bruise sustained from love acts, whether from aggressive kisses or a slight bite with teeth.

How is a Hickey Formed?

You are probably itching to know how a hickey is formed. As already mentioned above, the formation of a hickey is primarily as a result of broken blood vessels. This makes blood to flow from the damaged vessels into the surrounding body tissues. In the tissues, the blood clots, making the affected skin area to become inflamed. Initially, when the blood in the tissues is still fresh, the bruise usually looks like a red area. But later, after the blood has clotted, the bruise turns brown. In some people, it actually turns purple – it all depends on the nature of the skin of a specific individual.

Specifically, a hickey is caused by a kiss, especially in certain parts of the body that have soft tissues. The typical part is the neck. However, you can get a hickey in other parts of your body.

And just how long does a hickey last? The brown or purple bruise of a hickey may stay on for two weeks or so. Some people find this period of time too long ‘with an annoying mark on their skin’. But there are those who enjoy having a hickey and wish it stayed longer. However, in case you deliberately use some method to get rid of the hickey, the appearance of the hickey may fade away rapidly and disappear within a few days.

How Do You Get a Hickey?

Surprisingly, a hickey is a result of romantic activities, especially between lovers or spouses. Your partner may give you the hickey accidentally, out of a natural kiss or involuntary affection bite. However, the kiss has to be aggressive enough to internally break the blood vessels in the area kissed. Usually, the kiss involves vigorous sucking of the skin into the mouth. You may wonder, “Why so aggressive?” Simply put, love can drive the lovebirds crazy. That is the way it is. Nevertheless, the bottom line is, the partner has no intention to give you the hickey. It just happens.

Interestingly, on the other hand, your partner may give you the hickey deliberately! This may happen in two ways:

  1. He or she may secretly plan to give you the hickey without your consent or knowledge, often as part of his/her romantic ideas.
  2. You and your partner may have an agreement that he/she gives you a hickey or you give her a hickey.

In order to willingly give someone a hickey, you have to learn how to do it. Otherwise, you may be disappointed in your endeavor. Worse still, you may cause and avoidable injury to your partner.

What Does a Hickey Look Like?

A newly sustained hickey usually looks like a red bruise with a fairly round edge on the skin. After some time, the color of the hickey may turn brown or purple. The change in color is due to the red fresh blood beneath the skin tissues coagulating and becoming brown, or purple in some individuals.  This is the general appearance but the color may vary slightly from one person to another.

Also, a hickey may change in appearance depending on how long it has stayed since it was sustained.  Usually, the broken blood vessels get healed very soon and stop any further blood leakage. As you know, the color on the hickey is due to clotted blood. As time goes by, the clotted blood disperse and get reabsorbed into the body. This is why the color of the hickey fades away with time, until the hickey gets completely healed.

What Does a Hickey Look Like on a Black Person?

This is a good question to reflect on. But there is more to that. Can a black person get a hickey, in the first place? Given the usually chocolate color of black people, many individuals imagine that their skin is so tough to get any bruise, leave a lone a hickey. They do not only imagine, it actually appears so. However, that is a wrong assumption. The fundamental defense in skin between white people and black people is solely color.

So, a black person can also get a hickey, just like a white person. Perhaps the difference may lie on how the hickey looks like. In short, given their dark color, the hickey may not be as prominent as it is on white people, because of their very light skin. The white skin of white people may not offer much disguise to the hickey. Nonetheless, the appearance of a hickey on black people may vary from one individual to another, depending on their actual skin complexion. It is worth knowing that the skin complexions of black people varies from very dark, thought chocolate, to a fairly light skin.

Hickey Pictures, Photos or Images

We have factored in excellent photos of hickeys at different sections of this post to assist you learn better what a hickey is and how it looks like. Additionally, these love bite photos will no doubt help you grasp more facts associated with hickeys in a better way.

What Does a Hickey Feel Like?

Does getting a hickey feel good?  Certainly, some people enjoy getting and having a hickey. They even request for it! So, whether indeed a hickey feels good or not is difficult to explain. Why? Those who like it may not even realize it hurts or it is painful. Often, the discomfort or pain caused by the hickey may be obscured by their joy to have it! So does a hickey really hurt? The answer to such a question depends on the individual and how he/she values the hickey. However, scientifically, a hickey should be somehow painful because it is actually an injury. Furthermore, the intensity of the pain varies from one individual to another depending on the severity of the hickey, or the nature of their skin.

Are Hickeys Dangerous?  Can a Hickey Kill You?

Although hickeys may cause injury, it is never intended. Probably, it accidentally happens when the partners get carried away by excitement and mystery associated with love. As a result the supposed love acts may turn harsh in that state. Beside injuries, there can be some scientific explanations that give evidence that you can contract certain diseases from hickeys.

Are hickeys bad? Apparently, there are speculations all over that a hickey is dangerous. Some even claim that a hickey can kill you. Naturally, a hickey is actually a very simple bruise. While it is true that a hickey may turn out to be serious injury, especially if it involves vigorous or some biting, it can rarely get to dangerous magnitudes where it may cause death.

However, there are some accounts of instances where people are said to have either had strokes or even died from hickeys. For example, “In August 2016, 17-year-old Julio Macias Gonzalez of Mexico City, Mexico, died after receiving a hickey from his 24-year-old girlfriend” [Wikipedia]. In this particular case, the sucking was so strong to an extent that it caused a clot in the boy’s neck. The clot traveled to his brain and caused a fatal stroke.

Where on Your Body Can You Get A Hickey?

You typically get a hickey on any area of your body that has soft skin tissues. However, the area around the neck stands out when it comes to hickeys. This is the most common area on body that is usually associated with hickeys. In fact, whenever a hickey is mentioned, you are likely to envision it on somebodies neck. Probably, this is the most romantic region that is easily accessed by the mouth to give a hickey. More so, it is a region that is easily reached even when you are standing almost anywhere, as long as it is private to some extent. This is unlike other regions of the body which are either not so romantic or require a lot of privacy to give a hickey. Clearly, this explains why you are most likely to get a hickey on the neck.

Nevertheless, it is also possible for you to get a hickey on the Lip, breast and the upper arm. Furthermore, you can get it on the forehead, face, and cheek. Above all, the most romantic areas to give or get a hickey is the stomach and, more remarkably, the inner thigh! Gender-wise, ladies find it amazing to be given a hickey in the neck and stomach and the inner thigh. On the other hand, men fancy a hickey on their chest and maybe on their stomach.

How to Give a Hickey to Yourself, Someone, a Girl or a Boy

In order to effectively give a hickey, you need to learn about how it is done. Without good skills of giving a hickey, you may try in vain. Even worse, you may cause an injury while trying to give a hickey. So, take a little while to learn how to give someone a hickey before you do it. You may also need to acquaint yourself with how to give yourself a hickey in case to want to try one on yourself. Yourself? Yes!  Some people take delight in giving themselves hickeys!

There is this endless debate that can’t escape the thoughts of many. Who between a girl and a boy, or rather a woman and a man, should give a hickey? It is generally expected that men should be the ones who give ladies hickeys. That women should always receive mysteries of love and affection.  On the contrary, this is a misconception. Men equally desire to be recipients of such romantic activities! Generally, giving a hickey takes similar procedure irrespective of who you want to give the hickey. However, there are subtle dereferences between how to give a girl a hickey and how to give a hickey to a boy.

Generally follow the procedure below to give a hickey to yourself or someone else. Note that it may be necessary to get their consent first.

  1. Decide where to give the hickey
  2. Open your mouth slightly
  3. Gently have your lips in contact with the area you want to give the hickey
  4. Suck strongly inwards for about twenty seconds
  5. Release the sucking smoothly
  6. Wait for some time for the hickey to form

See our main article on how to give a hickey in case you need finer details. You can also get specific details on how to give someone a hickey or how to give yourself a hickey.

Excuses for a Hickey, Funny Excuses and Lies to Explain your Hickey

You may feel uncomfortable having a hickey on your neck, cheek or some other part of your body. It is normal to have such feelings. In fact, almost everyone with a hickey feels unease in public. The reason behind the anxiety is obvious. Having a hickey in public is a communication to all those who see it that you were recently involved in plenty of romantic activities! Much as it may not be wrong to have romantic fun, you are not supposed to let everyone know about it. You’re entitled to your privacy. Anything to do with romance will always attract a lot of unwelcome attention.

In view of the fact that you may have a hickey and find yourself in public, it may be necessary to find ways of explaining it, with the intention of not letting them know that it is actually a hickey. There are so many excuses you give. However, you need to bear in mind that some of the explanations you might give may sound funny to some people. So, you need to consider who you are explaining your hickey to. Is it a stranger, a friend or your parent? Otherwise, you may end up giving hilarious excuses, which might not be OK to some people. So, our advice here is, choose an excuse that suits the person being explained to.

We have listed the details of some of the best excuses for a hickey below.  Note that some are quite funny and you need to use them in a very clever way. Remember: they don’t have to believe you, the point is to ease the wild excitement that may arise if they confirm that it is a love bite.

Some of the Excuses You Can Give

  1. It is a birthmark that runs in the family. However, this will be tricky because if it was a birthmark, you would have it since birth.
  2. Say you do not have a hickey. This is a very funny one. Just tell them that they are seeing issues that do not exist; that they need to have their eyes checked. This might sound funny but it will certainly by off time ad kill the day.
  3. It is a fake hickey! Just say you pinched yourself to get the hickey just for fun. Alternatively, say you did it to fool your friends or make them curious to elicit fun.
  4. It is a punch bruise: Tell anyone who asks that someone hit you after you differed and you got the bruise. Fortunately, this is likely to happen. So just say it with all the confidence.
  5. A friend practiced on you. Explain that a friend has a partner who he/she intended to give a hickey. To be sure all will go well, he/she decided to practice on you and that is how you ended up with the hickey. Wow! It is a good idea. However, most of the ones you give the story will think, rightly, that you are lying to them. Anyway, you have at least given an excuse and thrown them into the valley of doubt.
  6. It is an allergic reaction: Say it is an allergic reaction from a new type of perfume or lotion that you tried.
  7. It is a bacterial or viral infection! You suspect the lesion to be some bacterial or viral infection on your skin.
  8. It is a night club stamp: You went to a new night club. Seemingly, they stamp your neck area (or wherever the hickey is) with a magenta stamp.
  9. It is a magenta paintball shot: Simply say got go a magenta ball shot in the neck or wherever your hickey is. That it is the indelible magenta paint from the paintball and it will fade away soon
  10. It is a tattoo, not a hickey: Insist that you just decided to have a tattoo and you wanted some fun out of it. That is why it resembles a hickey.
  11. It is red wine spot: Just say you spilled some red wine on yourself as you were having shots last evening.
  12. It is a spider bite: Tell them a spider bit you in the neck or wherever. Explain that the bite was so painful. So, it is a lesion that was left by a spider bite.
  13. I was hit by a projectile: Just tell them that you were hit by a moving object.

Excuses to Tell Your Parents about a Hickey

How can you lie to your parents about a hickey on you? When it comes to your parents, you really have to be very careful which excuses you give. Otherwise, they may reject your explanations and take it to be a hickey.

It is easy! You need to focus on realistic excuses to say it is not a hickey. You have to make your parents buy your lies. The bottom line is to ensure to put on a straight face as you tell them. More importantly, give explanations which look likely. If you give absurd reasons for your hickey, you are likely to be doubted. So act creatively and do not give room for any doubt.

Obviously, you cannot say it is a birthmark, or just insist that you don’t haves a hickey. You will look hilarious and make your parents reach a conclusion that it is actually a hickey. In any case, if it was a birthmark, they would have known about it at your birth.

Choose Appropriate Excuses

Therefore, from the suggestions made above, choose the appropriate excuses for your parents. You can talk of a bruise from a punch.  Better still, a friend practicing on you will work well. Furthermore, a fake hickey or a spider bite will also be a reasonable explanation to your parents.

Our advice on excuses for a hickey to your parents is, avoid such explanations such as a bruise from a punch or a spill during red wine shots, as your parents will certainly pester you with more questions about the occurrences.

How Do You Get Rid of or Remove a Hickey?

There are many ways of getting rid of a hickey. However, some of the methods work best for particular individuals but not others. Fortunately, you can always try another method in case one does not work well for you.

Probably, the method you will choose to get rid of a hickey depends on a number of factors:

  1. Availability of the required equipment and substances. Obviously, you will choose a method based on the availability of all the pieces of equipment and material required.
  2. How fast you want to get rid of the hickey. Some of the methods to be chosen may take longer time to work while others take very little time to get rid of the hickey. If you really want to get rid of your hickey quickly, then learn how to get rid of a hickey fast.
  3. The convenience of using a chosen method. There are remedies that are applied overnight while others may be used during the day. So you choose a method that will suit you.

Some of the ways of getting rid of a hickey are outlined below. To get detailed procedures for removing a hickey with a method or substances highlighted in the list below, just follow the links provided.

  • Some of the most effective methods of removing a hickey are the use of cold compress, warm compress or finger massage.
  • There are so many home remedies for a hickey. These include the use of peppermint, Apple vinegar, banana peel, turmeric, parsley juice, aloe vera, garlic, orange, cocoa butter, fresh potatoes, pepper, pineapple, straw berries, mustard, cabbage leaves and more others.
  • You could use baking soda, tooth paste, zinc, tea bag, margarine, iodine or Alcohol to get rid of a hickey fast
  • Use of chapstick, bottle, spoon, coin, lipstick cap, pen cap or tooth brush has also proved effective in getting rid of a hickey.
  • Some OTC medicine such as aspirin and Excedrin also help in the treatment of a hickey. In addition, you can use vitamin K or vitamin C to get rid of a hickey.
  • Solarium or sunbath are also often applied to remove a hickey.

Get more details on how to get rid of a hickey and have easy time with hickeys.

How Do You Hide or Cover a Hickey?

Often, you may not be able to get rid of a hickey as soon as you may desire. You simply do not want to be seen with the hickey and you cannot avoid going out there to have fun with others. Worse still, you might have just gotten the hickey on the eve of an important occasion!

If this happens to you, do not panic because there is a solution for you. You can also hide a hickey! And there are a number of ways to hide or cover your hickey. You simply select one that works best for you. Just to mention a few, you can cover the hickey from your friends or parents with makeup, your clothes or your hair. Get details on how to hide a hickey or how to cover a hickey and forget about your hickey trouble at once!

Lastly, it is our belief that you have acquainted yourself with the meaning of a hickey and a little more about hickeys. However, you might also want to make some contribution on hickeys. If not, you may just want to make an observation or ask something about hickeys. If so, kindly feel free to share your sentiments about hickeys in the comment form provided below.

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