Skin Tags on Penis, Penile Shaft, Scrotum, Groin, Pictures, Causes, Get Rid, Treatment & Home Remedies

Do you have fleshy skin growths hanging from your penis, your penile shaft or scrotum? Probably, you are having skin tags. Skin tags on and around your penis are quite common and affect many people. The exact locations of these skin tags include the penile shaft, at the base of your penis and on your scrotum or testicles. But what exactly causes these skin tags? Can you get rid of them? Which are the best treatments and home remedies?

What are Skin Tags?

The medical term for skin tags is acrochordon (plural acrochorda). Skin tags are also known as fibroepithelial polyp, cutaneous papilloma, or soft fibroma. These are tissue growths that stick out of the skin. Skin tags are usually soft and flexible and irregularly shaped. They are attached to the body by a stem of flesh, which is usually narrower than the outer part of the skin tag. Skin tags loose consist of loose collagen tissue which has its own capillaries for blood supply.

Often, skin tags have a color that will match the surrounding skin. Nevertheless, skin tags may have colors that differ with your skin color. In case the color differs from your skin, it usually ranges from pink and dark brown.

Skin tags on scrotum
Skin tags are benign growths and hence are not a health risk factor

Actual skin tags are benign growths and hence are not a health risk factor. However, many people find them quite awkward and ugly. They are also known to lead to other non-medical problems such as being snagged by your clothes or objects. This may result in pain experiences, especially when the skin tags are large.

Skin tags can appear almost anywhere on your body. However, they tend to appear in areas where your skin parts rub against each other. The areas are characterized with skin folds. They include on eyelids, under the breast, on nipples, armpits and the groin area. On the genitals, they are located on the vagina, vulva and vaginal lips (labia minora and labia majora) for women and penis, penile shaft and scrotum for men.  Other areas that tend to develop skin tags include the chest and back.

Skin tags range in size from giant ones to tiny ones. However, the common size of skin tags is 2-3mm. However, you can have as large as 5mm skin tags and very small ones. Whatever influences the size of skin tags r the number in a given area of your skin is not known.

What do Skin tags on Penis or Scrotum Look Like (Pictures)?

The skin tags found on your penis or scrotum vary in shape and size. However, in general, they look like pieces of skin tissues that hang off your male reproductive organs. They are often located on the penis, penile shaft or scrotum. Although rarely, they may also appear on the glans (penis head).

Skin tags on penis or scrotum usually take the skin color of the skin around them. However, they may have different colors ranging from pink brown to dark brown. Sometimes, they may become dark or black, especially when they are accidentally twisted or trapped in your clothes or genital jewelry, in case you use any.

Are they Skin Tags or Genital Warts?

Skin tags on your penis or scrotum can easily be confused with genital warts because they are similar in some aspects. Some of the ways in chic they can be similar include the fact that they are both found on your genitals. In addition, they are both growths on your body that stick out of your skin. Therefore, you may need to see your dermatologist before you draw any conclusion about the growths on your genitals.

However, you can also identify the type of growths by yourself, especially if you are used to seeing them. Whereas skin tags are fleshy and stick out of the skin, genital warts look like small bumps on your penis or scrotum and they may be almost flat or slightly raised from the surface of your skin. Skin tags look like hanging skins tissues but genital warts typically resemble cauliflower.

Skin tags on penis vs genital warts
Difference between skin tags and genital warts

The causes of the two growths on your penis or scrotum can also be used to draw a clear difference. The actual cause of skin tags is not an infection and hence you cannot contract skin tags from another person. On the other hand, genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Analysis of skin tags vs genital warts can be handy in aiding you to distinguish between them.

What Causes Skin Tags on Penis and Scrotum?

The exact cause of skin tags on penis, penile shaft or scrotum is not known. Skin tags on these areas occur in individuals without clear factors that be single out.

Although the causes of skin tags on penis are not known, dermatologists have tried to explain some possible causes of these skin tags based on some clues they have statistically obtained. The factors that can lead to the development of skin tags on penis include

1.      Friction or Rubbing

Dermatologists have associated development of skin tags with rubbing of the skin. This is because skin tags tend to occur most in areas of the skin with folds. They suggest that the parts of skin in the areas with folds tend to rub with adjacent parts and that the resulting friction could be the cause of skin tags.

Obviously, the penis, the scrotum and the groin rub against each other often. Therefore, it could be as a result of this rubbing that skin tags develop on these parts. IT is also possible that friction between the penis, scrotum and the groin with your underwear will have the same effect that will lead to the development of skin tags.

2.      Genetic Factors

Another possible cause of skin tags on the penis and scrotum has to do with genetics. Apparently, some individuals are genetically predisposed to develop skin tags on this areas. In case the development of skin tags on penis or scrotum runs in the family, it is likely that the genetic factors causing the skin tags are inherited from the parents. Families that have this characteristic in their lineage exist.

3.      Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes type 2 is another likely cause of skin tags on penis, scrotum and groin, as well as other parts of the body. People who have this condition often develop skin tags on their body, a clear indication that there is a connection between the two.

4.      Hormonal Changes

Fluctuations in hormones lead to hormonal imbalance in the body. This hormonal imbalance in body has been associated with the development of skin tags on various parts of the body. Hormonal imbalance in men can be occasioned by various factors. For example, undergoing stressful experiences is known to cause hormonal fluctuations in our bodies. Use of certain drugs such as steroids, too, can lead to hormonal changes in your body.

5.      Being Obese

Being overweight or obesity can also cause skin tags on your penis, scrotum and other parts of your body. Perhaps, this goes back to rubbing and friction. Obviously, obese people tend to have extra fat tissues which effectively lead to more folds on body.

The increased and enhanced folds, in turn, increase body contact at various parts of your skin and hence there is more rubbing and friction. This then leads to the formation of skin tags on various parts of your body, including your penis, scrotum and groin area.

In addition, dermatologists also connect skin tags with moist resulting from sweat. Obese people tend to sweat more often and vigorously. This too could be the reason why obese men develop skin tags on their penis and other parts of the body

6.      Your age

Statistically, the occurrence of skin tags tends to be more pronounce in older individuals. Therefore, there is a close connection between skin tags and age.

Many physiological changes take place in your body as you grow older. Some of these changes could be responsible for the development of skin tags on your penis or scrotum.

7.      Unknown Causes

The actual cause of skin tags is not known. Even the explanations given above are just possibilities postulated from the statistics obtained from people who have skin tags. So, strictly speaking, the causes of skin tags on penis, scrotum or any other parts of your skin remain a mystery.

Are Skin tags on Penis or Scrotum Cancerous?

Generally, skin tags on penis and scrotum are benign, they are not cancerous and hence are just harmless tissues. This means that skin tags should not be a cause for any worry.

However, skin tags may appear suspicious in case they exhibit certain characteristics. Probably, this is just out of coincidence rather than the skin tags themselves becoming or exhibiting cancerous signs and symptoms.

The common signs and symptoms may not normal include

  • Inflamed skin tags: skin tags which are inflamed are hot, red, swollen and painful.
  • Irritating skin tags: these skin tags are sore and painful
  • Itchy skin tags: when skin tags are itchy, your skin feel uncomfortable in a way that makes you have the urge to scratch them.
  • Skin tags that change in color: the skin tags may change from their original color and become darker or acquire any other new color.
  • Growing skin tags: skin tags are considered to be to be growing when they constantly increase in size. Note that skin tags may slightly enlarge due hormonal changes caused by psychological factors like stress. Such small temporal enlargements are normal and should not be considered to be growth.

However, note that having one or more of these symptoms does not necessarily mean that your skin tags are cancerous. Rather, it could indicate a health problem, including cancer. Nevertheless, you need to visit your doctor to carry out diagnosis and probably rule out cancer.

Cancer is a dreaded disease because it is expensive and difficult to be treated, especially if it happens to develop to advanced stages. That is why you need not take any chances when you notice anything suspicious on your skin. All in all, virtually all the results of skin tags will be found to be benign.

Should You Remove Skin Tags on Penis or Scrotum?

Whether or not you should remove the skin tags on your penis, scrotum or groin area depends on a number of factors. Generally, you do not need to remove skin tags anywhere on your body unless they are causing you unnecessary distress.

However, many men find the skin tags on their penis, penis shaft or scrotum very unsightly. You may also need to remove your skin tags, if they are found to be connected with some health issues and hence pose danger to your wellbeing.

Definitely, you will want to know whether the skin tags can actually be removed and how this can be done, considering their location. Indeed, skin tags anywhere on your body can be removed. However, there are important points to note before you have the skin tags on your penis or the area around the penis removed.

First, make sure that the growths on these part of your body are actually skin tags and not any other growths. The best way to do this is to make an appointment with your dermatologist to examine and confirm that they are indeed skin tags.

Second, the reason why you want them removed should be very clear. This will aid the removal of your skin tags ensuring that your objective to get rid of them is also attained in the process. For example, if you want to remove them because they are painful, your dermatologist will be want to find out if there are related health problems.

Some of the common reasons why men would want to get rid of skin tags down there include:

1.      Medical reasons

If your skin tags pose a medical threat to your health, then consider removing them. In fact, this is the main reason you should get rid of those skin tags immediately. Some of the issues that may be considered to be medical include the skin tags being painful, inflamed or changing their size or color. They may still be removed if they are found to be associated with other medical problems like cancer, even if they do not exhibit these symptoms.

2.      Annoyance Reasons

The skin may also be bothersome though not medically a problem. They may cause inconvenience in your day to day activities in many ways depending on their sizes, shape and exact location on your genitals. Some of the ways in which skin tags can cause irritation include:

  • Pain: The skin tags on your penis, scrotum or groin may get snagged by your clothes or jewelry, if at all you use them. In the event this happens, the skin tags may cause pain or even bleed.
  • Discomfort: When your skin tags are huge, they may wedge themselves between the areas down there e.g. the groin and your testicles and cause undue discomfort.
  • Obstruction: The skin tags hang off the shaft of your penis or your testicles. They can be a hindrance to your daily activities by being obstructive. For example, they may feel uncomfortable to you and your partner during sex, especially oral sex, in case they are big and are located on the shaft of your penis. Also, they may occasionally get snagged or feel awkward when you say are scrubbing your private parts as you shower.

3.      Cosmetic Purposes

Apparently, this one of the main reason why people want the skin tags on their penis and the area around it removed. You may think that the skin tags are in a private area and hence no one sees them. But what about your partner?

Skin tags on penis or scrotum lower self esteem
Having skin tags on penis or scrotum lower self-esteem

Having skin tags on your penis or scrotum may lead to low self-esteem, especially when it comes to matters of love and sex. Although they may not be a bother to yourself, your girlfriend or wife may find they very unattractive. This is definitely dangerous as it may limit her feelings for you. Worse still, she may decide to stop seeing you.

Fortunately, you can get rid of skin tags on your penis, scrotum or anywhere on your body. In any case, why would you let these small pieces of tissues cast a shadow on your world of treasured world of love?

How to get rid of Skin tags on Penis or Scrotum

Since your penis, scrotum and groin are delicate areas, you should be very careful to avoid irritating them during skin tag removal. So choose a method that will not cause any harm to your reproductive parts.

To be sure of safety, make an appointment with you dermatologist to get rid of the skin tags professionally. Do not take chances and try to do it by yourself, especially if the skin tags are huge.

Besides the medical procedures, there are suggested some home remedies that may be used to get rid of skin tags. But let us first look at the medical procedures, which are known to work well.

Medical treatment for Skin tags on Penis or Scrotum

The first thin that probably crosses your mind when you think about getting rid of the skin tags on your private parts medically is your privacy. That is why you may want to try home remedies instead of medical methods.

However, doctors are trained to respect your privacy and this should not be a cause for any worry. In addition, this medical treatment may not be as invasive as they may appear. They are actually simple procedures that will see you get rid of the skin tags almost instantly.

Clearly, medical procedures are much faster and effective than the less invasive natural methods or home remedies. The common medical procedures your dermatologist is likely to use to get rid of skin tags on your penis include the following:

1.      Cutting off the Skin Tags

Skin tags on your penis can be easily removed by cutting them off. This is a very basic surgery procedure that a dermatologist can carry out on you as an outpatient.

The procedure begins with the doctor cleaning the affected area well to avoid possible infection on the skin tags after cutting them. He will then make the area numb using a local anesthesia. The anesthesia may be applied topically or injected into the affected area. Numbing the area helps prevent pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Once the area becomes numb and the doctor is ready, he will hold the skin tags in position with a pair of tweezers and cut the each one of them at the base using a sterilized scalpel or a pair of scissors. The doctor will then apply some topical antiseptic on the area and wrap a bandage on it to keep germs away.

Since the skin tags are in a private area, you may want to cut them by yourself for privacy purposes. However, only do this if you understand the procedure for cutting off a skin tag. Do not cut any growth on your penis or scrotum without first confirming that it is actually a skin tag. And even if the growths are really skins tags but are huge, prefer having them cut off by your dermatologist as thy may bleed profusely and cause you trouble.

Whether it is your dermatologist doing it or yourself, the procedure needs to be carried out carefully and in sterile environment. Otherwise, you may develop infected skin tags and worsen the whole situation.

Normally, it takes up to two weeks for the affected area to get completely healed. However, if the skin tags were huge, it might take slightly longer. Another factor that may delay the healing of the area is infection. It will definitely take some time to treat the affected area and hence extra time to heal.

2.      Freezing off the Skin Tags

Medically known as cryotherapy, this method entails subjecting the skin tags to extremely cold conditions using a suitable substance like liquid nitrogen gas. This procedure gets rid of the skin tags by destroying the skin tag tissues using the freezing technique.

The liquid nitrogen gas is usually placed in a container that is fitted with a nozzle. The function of the nozzle accurately directs the freezing agent only to the required part of your body. This ensures that the surrounding region is not unnecessarily affected by the procedure.

HeltiQ Skintags can be used to freeze off skin tags at home
You can freeze off skin tags at home using HeltiQ Skintags

During the procedure, the doctor directs the nozzle to each of the skin tags, especially at the base. The freezing substance needs to be applied on the skin tags for about 30 seconds. As a result, the skin tag tissues and capillaries will be damaged. The dead tissues of the skin tags will darken with time and finally fall off your penis, scrotum or groin and make you a happy man. You can freeze off skin tags at home using HeltiQ Skintags.

Freezing off skin tags is usually not painful. However, you may feel some discomfort during the treatment. This discomfort will decrease after the treatment and eventually go away a little bit later. But you can significantly reduce the discomfort by using an appropriate local anesthesia.

Freezing off skin tags does not usually have any side effect. However, rarely though, the surrounding area may slightly become sensitive. In addition, reddening of the area around the skin tags is a bit common. The reddening may be followed by slight scarring though this is quite rare.

These side effects are probably as a result of spillage of the freezing agent to the surrounding area during the procedure. Also, the freezing effect on the skin tags may spread to the surrounding area and cause the side effects even if it is properly applied.

3.      Burning off the Skin Tags

This procedure involves getting rid of the skin tags by destroying them with heat. Its medical name is cauterization. There are two types of cauterization based on the source of the heat that is used during the procedure: electrical cauterization and chemical cauterization.

Electrical Cauterization

As the name suggests, electrical cauterization utilizes heat produced by electrical energy. During the procedure, the doctor will heat up the cauterizing tool by plugging it into a power socket. Meantime, he will clean and numb the skin tags and the surrounding area with a local anesthesia.

An electrical cautery used for burn off skin tags
An electrical cautery used for burn off skin tags

When ready for the procedure, the dermatologist will first adjust the needle of the cauterizing tool according to the size of your skin tags.  He will then aim the hot needle to the base of the skin tag and burn it. This will damage the skin tag.

Chemical Cauterization

There is little difference between this procedure and electrical cauterization. The main difference is that the heat used to damage the skin tags is produced by a chemical substance. The chemical substance is usually kept in a container with a nozzle to help direct it during use.

During this procedure, the dermatologist will first clean and numb the skin tags and the surrounding area with a suitable anesthesia. He will then carefully target the base of the skin tags with the chemical cauterizer using the nozzle. The chemical will produce heat that will damage the skin tag.

After the treatment by either of the techniques, the skin tags will gradually shrink and turn black. They will eventually fall off. Burning off the skin tags damages its tissues and the blood capillaries that supply it with blood and this causes them to undergo the said changes. That is why the skin tags gradually shrivel and fall off, leaving you with an attractive body again.

Burning off skin tags may appear very invasive and hence scare many people. However, the actual procedure is not as aggressive. But the bottom line is, let the doctor carry out the procedure to avoid any undesirable incidents. Furthermore, you may not be strategically positioned to use this technique on your genitals, owing to their location.

Nevertheless, this procedure has its own disadvantages. First, it may frighten many patients when they think of burning something on their bodies. Also, it may not be a very practical method to get rid of skin tags in sensitive areas like genitals. It may also cause scarring on the surrounding areas.

4.      Tying off the Skin Tags

This is a common procedure that can be used to at rid of skin tags on your penis, scrotum or groin. It is also called ligation. During the procedure, your doctor will tie the base of your skin tag with an appropriate string. This will cause the skin tags will be deprived of blood and oxygen. As a result, skin tag will wither and fall off because its tissues will die due to inadequate blood and oxygen supply.

However, the shape and size of the skin tag may influence the use of this method. If you find tying up the skin tag difficult due to its location, size or shape, then consider using other methods to get rid of it.

You can tie off skin tags at home useng a tagband device

For privacy purposes, you may as well want to tie off the skin tags yourself. In this case, you can make your work much easier by using a tagband skin removal device. With this device, you can carry out the removal process at home.

The common side effect of tying off skin tags is irritation and inflammation of the surrounding skin. These side effects may hurt, especially if the skin tag to be removed this way is on sensitive skin area. Therefore, this method may not be very suitable for removing genital skin tags and skin tags in the anus. Hence, consider using one of the other methods listed above.

Home Remedies for Skin tags on Penis or Scrotum

There are several home remedies that have been suggested for removal of skin tags. These home remedies, however, may take quite some time to get rid of the skin tags. For some individuals, these home remedies do not work at all.

In addition, it may not be realistic to use home remedies to remove huge skin tags. Furthermore, it would be very cumbersome using home remedies for long trying to get rid of skin tags on your penis or scrotum. Therefore, home remedies may not be a very practical solution to skin tags on your penis or scrotum.

The common home remedies that may be used to get rid of skin tags include:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Onion juice
  • Garlic
  • Nail polish
  • Aloe vera
  • Duct tape
  • Ginger
  • Essential oils

You can get further information on home remedies for skin tags, including procedures and other details.

Video Skin Tag Removal from Scrotum

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