How to Hide a Hickey with Makeup, lipstick, Clothes, Scarf, Hair, Jewelry, in Summer, for Guys or Ladies

Did you just get hickey and you do not know what to do!? Read on to learn how to hide a hickey using makeup, clothes or your hair.  Besides, explore how you can effectively hide hickeys on your face, forehead, cheeks, lips, breast, stomach, arms or thigh. How do you hide hickeys at school, workplace or gym? Do you want to cover up a hickey during summer or winter? Read on to acquaint yourself with plenty of great ideas for hiding a hickeys from the public, your friends, parents, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Why Do You Have to Hide a Hickey?

First of all, what is a hickey? It is a mark or bruise that is associated with love and romantic activities. So, it may draw annoying attention if you happen to have it. Therefore, you need to look for a way to remove it or otherwise keep it as a secret to yourself to avoid giggling or such undesirable attention. Besides, hickeys are also known to cause problems in relationships, your parents may also not take it easy to see you with a hickey.

Yes! You can try to get rid of the hickey fast, but it will at least need at least some time to clear your hickey completely.  So what do you do? The point is you want to keep it a secret. In this case, the brightest idea is to hide the hickey.  This way you will be able to comfortably go to your workplace, or any other place you may want to visit, before the hickey completely fades away.

Furthermore, hiding your hickey may provide enough time for your hickey disappear without having to necessary remove the hickey.  All you will need is to cover it until it heals on its own. This is the way to go, especially if you do not want to remove the hickey. After all, how long does a hickey last? It fades away soon.

How to Hide a Hickey with Makeup – Foundation, Concealer, Corrector, Lipstick or Eye-shadow

If you really yearn to hide your hickey, then one of the best methods is to use makeup. Makeup is more convenient in hiding your hickey, especially when the hickey is located in areas where clothes or hair may not be appropriate.

The most appropriate and effective makeup you could use is green-tinted concealer. It is tailored to diminish red tones in the skin. You also need a foundation that is lighter that your overall skin tone. A lighter foundation will give an overall uniform tone to your skin and successfully conceal your hickey. Follow the procedure below  to hide your hickey.


  1. Apply a green-tinted concealer o the hickey
  2. Let the concealer stay for about 5 minutes to set
  3. Gently apply a foundation that is a little lighter than your skin tone.
  4. Finish up your make up with face powder.

However, the hickey may be deeply colored such that it stands out strongly. If this is the case, you may need to employ the services of an appropriate corrector. A corrector will blend the hickey pigmentation and give an even skin tone.

  1. Green will neutralize red: Hence, if the pigmentation of your hickey is red, use a green corrector to neutralize it.
  2. Yellow will neutralize purple: therefore if your hickey looks purple, then the right corrector to use is a yellow one.

You may also use an eye-shadow, lipstick, lip gloss to hide hickeys located at various parts of the body, as discussed in later parts of this post.

How to Hide a Hickey with Clothes – Scarf, Sleeves and Turtleneck Sweater

How to hide a hickey on neck with turtleneck sweater
How to hide a hickey on neck with turtleneck sweater

Pieces of clothes such as a scarf, sleeves and turtleneck sweaters are often used to hide hickey. The use of clothing to conceal your hickey is great idea. However, you need to ensure that you do not dress inappropriately as it will only attract people’s attention. Try to dress in a way that matches the season and occasion to save yourself from unprecedented attention that could make you feel unease.

Although use of clothing may be appropriate to both ladies and men, men will find it more useful since they hardly have long hair or use makeup. Also, this way of hiding hickeys really depend on the location of the hickey. Actually, it may be appropriate in hiding hickeys that lie on specific parts of your body, as will be discussed in later various sections of this post.

How to Hide a Hickey with Hair –  Long Hair or Short Hair

Your hair too may come handy in hiding your hickey, if it is long. However, the location of the hickey may influence this way of hiding your hickey. All you need to ensure is that your hickey is always covered by your hair. Do not let your day’s activities pull your hair out of place and expose the hickey.

You simply need to be creative with your hairstyle. Have it curled and styled smartly to hide the hickey. Style the hair such that it falls over the hickey area and covers it. However, it should be styled such that it takes common hairstyle forms to avoid suspicion or looking awkward.

As will be discussed in a later sections of this post, you can creatively use long hair to cover a hickey that lies on the forehead, side of your face and cheeks. Besides, if it is long enough, you can even use it to cover a hickey at the back of your neck.

But if your hair is very short, you may need to employ other ways discussed in this post.  This is due to the fact that short hair may be styled to hide a hickey.

Can You Hide a Hickey with Jewelry like Necklace Neck-Ring or Bangle?

Use of jewelry is another great idea you can use to hide a hickey. Necklaces or neck-rings can do wonderful job to hide a hickey in the neck. However, you have to be a bit selective on the design of the various jewelry you are going to use.

Basically, the jewelry chosen should have an overall wide design in order to cover the hickey effectively. Besides, it would be much better if the color of the chosen jewelry at least has shades that match the color of the hickey

Best Way to Hide a Hickey on Your Arm or Upper Arm or Shoulder

In case to happen to pick a hickey on your arm, simply put own that long sleeve shirt or dress. However, if it lies on your upper arm or shoulder, you may use a short sleeve garment, as long as it is long enough to cover the hickey fully.

But those ladies who just fancy sleeveless dresses! Do not worry, there is something that you can do. Simply apply appropriate makeup to hide the hickey and have your sleeveless garment on.

Is there a special way of hiding a hickey on the wrist? Yes! Use a nice bangle to hide the hickey, so long it is wide enough cover the hickey entirely.

How to Hide a Hickey on Your Neck, front or back of your neck

The most appropriate and easiest way to conceal a hickey that lies on the front or back of your neck is putting on a roll-neck (turtleneck) garment. Alternatively, a scarf could be used. Another excellent idea is to use necklaces or neck-rings to hide a hickeys on the neck.

Another great idea you could employ is using your hair. This is especially useful if the hickey is at the back of your neck. Creatively style your hair to fall backwards and cover the hickey.

However, you could also use makeup to disguise the hickey. This is especially if the weather does not permit heavy dressing to use a roll-neck or you do not like putting necklaces.

How to Hide a Hickey on Your Chin or Cheek

Makeup may be used to camouflage a hickey that lies on the cheek or your chin. Instead, you can put on a hood that covers your cheeks if that is where it falls. Alternatively, you can wear a turtleneck sweater to hide a hickey on your chin. You just need to ensure that the turtleneck sweater extends high enough to hide your hickey proper.

Best Way to Hide a Hickey on Your Lip, Upper Lip or Lower Lip

A hickey on the lip, whether upper lip or lower lip, is usually hidden with red lip stick camouflage. However, lip stain is preferred to lipstick because it is has a deep color that stays on for a longer period

However, depending on the actual color of the hickey, you may need to get matte or purple lip stick. Apply the lip stick and you will be done. However, note that a nude lipstick may not give the desired result of hiding your hickey. Yet, if the hickey does not stand out so much, you could use a tinted lip gloss but check to ensure works well for you.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting that hickeys which lie on lips often extend beyond the lip. So start by  applying an appropriate corrector of concealer to first hide the parts of the hickey that lie beyond the mouth. Then finish up with a red lipstick or lip gloss and you will look wow!

How to Hide a Hickey on Your Face, Forehead Eyelid or around the Eye

The geography of these regions almost restrict you to use make-up to hide a hickey. However, if you happen to have long hair, style and curl it such that it covers the hickey. Nevertheless, this is possible only if the hickey happens to fall on your forehead.

Still, you could put on a beanie, or any other appropriate hat, if the hickey lies on the upper side of your forehead. In case it is located to the side of your face and the weather is cold, use a hood to cover it.

For a hickey on the eyelid or around the eye, use an eye-shadow to disguise it completely. But remember to do the application of the eye-shadow on the other eye in a similar way in order to balance your make up and look natural.

Best Ways to Hide a Hickey on Your Chest, breast, Stomach or Inner Thigh

Your chest, breast, stomach and more so even yours inner thigh are arguably be the easiest areas to hide a hickey from the public or even your friends and parents. However, it may turn out to be tricky if you are trying to hide the hickey from your lover.

In brief, simply put on clothes which cover these areas to hide the hickey from your parents, friends or the general public. Ladies, you will need to cover your “twin towers” completely in case the hickey lies there. Similarly, guys, let the whole of your chest be covered properly in case it has the hickey. In fact, it is a good chance to put on shirt with a necktie.

Although these areas are easily and naturally concealed with clothes, you will need to use makeup if you are hiding the hickey from you boyfriend or girlfriend. The reason is self-explanatory – you may engage in romance.

How to hide a hickey from your parents – Mom and Dad

Your parents would be worried to see you with a hickey, especially if they think you should not be engaging in love affairs. Regardless of how you got it, they will almost obviously presume it is out of romantic activities. Save your face and save them the worry by hiding the hickey properly.

Just look for any appropriate way of hiding the hickey from your parents. You may use makeup, clothes or your hair as described above to save the situation. However, avoid using methods that may draw attention to your dad or mom and make them want to investigate your habit. So, try to do what they are used to see you on you. That way, they may not have a clue that you are hiding a hickey!

You may also want to try out some excuses to explain your hickey to your parents. However, hiding the hickey is the best way to avoid a lot of questions, explanations and suspicion by your parents.

How to Hide a Hickey from Your Lover, Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Just look at this scenario. You might have had some fun with another person the other day and somehow you happened to get a hickey. You might have even gotten the hickey without necessarily seeing some other man, or some other lady, if you are a man. Perhaps your best friend was planning to give her lover a hickey and decided to practice on you. Still, you might have given yourself the hickey out of curiosity! Unfortunately for you, you had planned a date with your regular lover!

Now, what do you think your lover – boyfriend or girlfriend – will think about you in case he or she found out that you had a hickey!

Well, it does not really matter how you got the hickey. You have to look for ways of dealing with the hickey issue to avoid creating an air of unfaithfulness. You have to do something to save your relationship, especially if you really value it! So what should you do?

You might decide to use excuses! But are you sure you will completely convince your guy? He might outwardly accept your excuses but remain secretly disturbed, just in case you are lying. And this might the first step of your break up!

So, What is the Solution?

However, there is a solution to your situation. Just hide the hickey! There are many ways of hiding a hickey. Nevertheless, you can’t just go for any method. It might not be applicable here.  Methods such as curling your hair to hide the hickey, hiding it with a scarf or a turtleneck sweater are not the ones to go for. Why?

Remember you are lovers and it being a date, you are likely to engage in romantic activities. Probably, the hair or scarf may fall off the hickey area as you play.  If not, he might decide to play with your hair, scarf or turtleneck sweater and realize that you were hiding a hickey. This will even be worse for your relationship because he will suspect you straightaway.

So which are the methods to go for?  Apply an appropriate makeup. This will save the situation. If he asks you about the make, which you probably don’t use regularly, explain to him that you just wanted to try out something new. You could also paint the hickey with some green color.  However, you need to explain to him in advance that you had an infection and the green color is medicine for the infection.

How to Hide a Hickey at Work, School, Gym or Beach

Simply choose an appropriate way to hide a hickey at work, school or even Gym.  You only need to bear in mind that school and work place are public places. Therefore fore, you should not select a method that may look too casual. Besides, it is obvious that you do not dress heavily to a gym.

For ladies, you can choose to use makeup to hide the hickey. Another, excellent method you could use is curling your hair such that it covers the hickey. Men too have dummy makeup to hide their hickey, in case it lies in areas that cannot be covered with cloth or hair.

If your hickey lies in your neck, a scarf or a turtleneck sweater may be appropriate way to cover your hickey. However, you might find it challenging to put on a turtleneck attire at a gym because of the excess heat. But there is no problem having a light scarf on to conceal your hickey wile at a gym.

Best Tactic to Hide a Hickey during Summer or Winter

During summer, use hiding methods which do not entail dressing up heavily. If you did that, the people you are hiding the hickey from may be suspicious or think you are just a senseless person and sideline you. This will surely not be good for your self-esteem. So the best way to hide the hickey is use of makeup or hair. You could also use a light scarf but not a turtleneck sweater.

During winter, you can use almost any method to hide your hickey. However, it would be more natural to put on a heavy turtleneck sweater or scarf. Still, makeup will play a crucial role in case the hickey is located on an area where the other methods may not be usable.

How to Hide a Hickey for Guys, for Ladies.

If you are a lady, you are lucky because there are a number of ways you can hide a hickey. Generally, Ladies have more ways of hiding a hickey than men. Coincidentally, the ladies are often the ones who get hickeys from their guys. Since they usually fancy long hair, you can use the hair to hide their hickeys. If the hickey is on your lip, use appropriate lipstick. You might also get the hickey near your eye, in which case you can use an eye-shadow. You may use a concealer or a corrector to hide a hickey that is on the other area of your body, for instance, your chin or your face.

On the other hand, a guy may also use his hair to hide the hickey, if it is long. However, it is uncommon for guys to use their hair to hide hickeys mainly because it is usually short. So guys are limited to using scarfs, turtleneck sweaters and long sleeved shirts to hide the hickey. Nevertheless, the hickey may be located in a tricky area of your body, say, on your cheek or lip. You should not panic. There is a dummy make up for men that you could use to hide your hickey. Just watch the video at the end of the post to learn how to use it.

Can You Use a Bandage to Hide a Hickey?

Wow! There is another excellent idea that guys to cover up a hickey. Just fake an injury in the hickey area and neatly wrap the “injury” with a bandage. To minimize being doubted, they should explain the injury before being asked. Maybe this is not the best method to use when hiding a hickey from your girlfriend – she will probably suspect you! Ladies can also use a bandage to cover up a hickey, although it just seems typical for men.

In conclusion, we are pleased to let you know that hiding a hickey is the fasted method of dealing with a hickey that you want to keep secret. However, if you learn how to get rid of a hickey fast, then you will have other excellent ways of sorting out such hickeys.

Do you have any other way of hiding a hickey that is not discussed here? If yes, kindly feel free to share your suggestions or feelings, or any other comment, about hiding a hickey in the contact form below.

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