How Long Do Hickeys Last on Your Neck, Lip, Breast, Face, Chin, Thigh, Arm or Shoulder, If Treated or Untreated?

How long do hickeys last? Does it take the same time for all hickeys to heal? Explore the factors that may delay the healing of your hickey. Does a light hickey last as long as a really bad one? Do locations of the hickey also determine how long they will last? Read through to also learn how fast your hickeys will fade away if located on your neck, lips, breast, face, cheeks, chest, stomach thigh and other parts of your body.

Are There Factors That Determine How Long a Hickey Lasts?

How long does it take a hickey to heal? Also called a hickie, a love bite or a kiss mark, a hickey is not permanent mark. They fade away with time without leaving any scar behind. Typically, hickeys last from for about 5 to 12 days when untreated. However, they may take a little bit less time or much longer because of various reasons. So, hickeys may last for as little as 2 days or as long as 4 weeks to completely go away.  Probably, some of the factors that may influence how long your hickey lasts include:

1.       Severity of the Hickey

The extent of damage to the blood vessels will definitely affect the time it takes to heal and fade away completely. Understandably, some hickeys will be more harsh and deep than others. Severe hickeys may look more red that mid hickeys.

Probably, the deep red color of the hickey is an indication that the damage to the blood capillaries and the tissues under the skin was serious and a much more blood leaked into the tissues. Besides, the damage involves deeper tissues. Obviously, such a hickey will take longer to disappear.

However other hickeys are mild and only affect the tissues close to the skin. Consequently, they will take a bit less time to hill. In short, the more severe the hickey, the longer it will last. This clarifies why a really bad hickey will certainly last longer than a light hickey.

2.       The Size of the Hickey, Small or Big

The size of the hickey is another determinant factor of how long as it will last. A big hickey will last a bit longer than a small hickey. When the hickey is bigger (covering a big area) the body regeneration and repair is working on a large area than when it is smaller. Clearly, it will take less time to regenerate and repair a smaller area as compared to a large area.

3.       State of Your Health

Your state of health will also affect how long your hickey will last. Your hickey is likely to fade away faster if you have excellent health than when you have poor health.

Therefore, if your hickey takes too long to heal, it may be an indicator of poor state of health. Apparently, it means that your immunity is low and by extension you could be suffering from some diseases like diabetes and lymphoma.

4.       Your Age

Your age will determine how long your hickey or any other bruise or injury will last.  If you are young your hickey may heal faster. However, if you are old, the hickey may last longer.

In brief, the older you are the longer the hickey will last. This is because there is a gradual loss of tissue regeneration and repair as you grow older! Consequently, it follows that a hickey on younger people will last for a shorter time than on older people.

5.       Your Gender

Hickeys tend to last longer on women than men. This is due to the natural difference in body structure between women and men. As we know, a woman’s body, and skin for that matter, is more tender that that of a man.

6.       Nature of your Skin

The nature of your skin can also influence how long your hickey lasts. Skin can be classified into four main types according to their nature: normal skin, sensitive skin, oily skin and dry skin. Besides, nature of skin may refer to the skin texture where the hickey lies. It may be tough as on a man’s chin or chest or tender as on a woman’s chin or chest.

7.       Hereditary Factors

The ability of your hickey to heal fast may be predisposed by hereditary factors. So, if hickeys last for a short period among your family members, yours is likely to heal faster. Conversely, if hickeys or bruises normally take longer than usual time among your family members, yours is also likely to last longer.

8.       Location of the Hickey

Another factor that can determine how long your hickey will last is the location of the hickey. Hickeys that are located on areas that are exposed will tend to heal faster than those that lie on areas that are hidden or always covered by clothes. In fact, sunbathing is one of the methods used to get rid of a hickey fast.

The red or purple color of a hickey is as a result of blood clots in the tissues under your skin. The process of a hickey healing involves breaking down of the hemoglobin in the clotted blood. As the hemoglobin breaks down, it produces a substance called bilirubin. Bilirubin is a yellowish in color. This explains why your hickey may turn yellowish before fading away completely.

Now, ultraviolet rays from sunlight breaks down bilirubin. This means that if your hickey is exposed to the sunlight, the yellowish color will disappear faster! Hence, the overall time taken for the hickey to hill will be shorter!

9.       Whether the hickey is treated or not treated

If the hickey is treated, it will last for lesser time compared to when it is not treated. Furthermore, the method used to treat the hickey may also influence the time taken for the hickey to heal. There are methods that get rid of a hickey faster than others

How Long Do Hickeys Last if Untreated

If a hickey is not treated, it usually fades away on itself and disappears.  Typically, untreated hickeys will last for about 5 to 12 days. However, the actual number of days a hickey will take to naturally fade away completely depends on the factors already discussed above.

You may prefer your hickey to heal naturally. In fact, if your previous hickeys have been disappearing fast naturally, there is no need to treat it. However, you need to get a way of averting the giggling your friends may subject you to as the hickey heals. Your parents, too, may get worried if they see the hickey. Likewise, it may be inappropriate to go to your workplace with a hickey.

Fortunately, you can avoid this, and any other fears, by hiding your hickey. Start with familiarizing yourself with how to hide a hickey. Then, appraise the many available ways of hiding a hickey. Finally, choose the one that befits you and your routine, apply it and you are done! You can now comfortably wait for the hickey to heal!

How Long Do Hickeys Last if Treated

You may not stand a hickey until it naturally fades away. It is more so considering that a hickey is usually associated with romantic activities. Therefore, having a hickey would almost mean that you no longer enjoy your privacy with regard to love. Moreover, the stance of your friends and the general public may have unwarranted negative effect to your self-esteem. Worse still, your parents may have concerns with you over the hickey.

One of the solutions to all these issues is to get facts on how to get rid of a hickey and find an appropriate way to remove the hickey. It is the method of removing the hickey that will determine how long it will last. While some methods will get rid the hickey very fast, other may take up to 2 or three days. In addition to the method chosen, how fast your hickey will disappear with treatment still depends on your health state, nature of your skin, how bad the hickey is and its location.

Can a Hickey Last Forever

It is actually possible to have a permanent hickey or a hickey that lasts too long. However, the likelihood of your hickey lasting forever is extremely rare. In the unlikely event of a permanent hickey, the blood that leaks in to the tissues after the bruise permanently stains the skin in the affected area.

The real reason why you would have a permanent hickey is the inability of your body to regenerate and repair tissues. Probably, the underlying issue is poor health state. In case your hickey lasts too long, see a professional healthcare for medical check-up.

How Long Do Hickeys Last on Your Neck

Most people usually get hickeys on their necks.  So, it is very common to see these marks on someone’s neck. A hickey on your neck should last the usual time of about 5 to 12 days. However, it may last a bit longer due to other underlying issues like the severity of the hickey, health issues or hereditary reasons.

How Long Do Hickeys Last on Your Lip

Given that many people like French kisses, hickeys may often form on lips. Usually, the hickey lies on either the upper lip or the lower lip. But in most cases, the hickey extends beyond the lip.

Hickeys on lips generally take the usual time to heal, although a hickey on the inner lip tends to take slightly longer time to heal than a hickey on the outer lip. So a hickey on your lip should last for about 5 to 12 days.

How Long Do Hickeys Last on Your Breast

A hickey on breast may last for 10 to 21 days. Of course, here we are referring to a woman’s breast. The breast skin lies on soft tissues. Though not always, it is likely that a hickey of breast is affects the tissue a little bit dipper.

Besides, the breast is usually covered by your garment, meaning it is not exposed to the UV light.  In view of the two factors, a hickey on breast may last a bit longer than usual.

How Long Do Hickeys Last on Your Arm or Shoulder

A hickey on the arm or shoulder can lasts the usual time of 5 to 12 days. If you want to speed the healing time, put on a sleeveless garment in case it is on your upper arm or shoulder, or a short sleeved one in case it is on your lower arm.

The idea here is to expose the hickey to the sunlight to speed up the healing. If it so happens that the hickey lasts much longer, it might be due to poor heath state or hereditary characteristics.

How Long Do Hickeys Last on Your Thigh

You can also get a hickey in your thigh, especially your inner thigh. In fact, it is very romantic to give or get a hickey on your inner thigh. Now, a hickey on the thigh, especially on the inner thigh, apparently lasts longer than a hickey on the neck or face. It generally lasts up to 2 weeks or longer, depending on the other factors already discussed above.

The possible reason could be the fact that the inner thigh naturally concealed by the body itself. Worse still, it is rarely exposed to the environment, except when you are taking a bath.

How Long Do Hickeys Last on Your Face, Forehead or cheek

how long does a hickey last on neck
how long does a hickey last on neck

If you happen to get a hickey on your face forehead or cheek and you are worried, there is good news to you. A hickey on your face or cheek relatively lasts probably the shortest time! Typically, it may take about 3 to 8 days to fade away completely.

The obvious reason for this is that the hickey is always exposed to the environment and hence to the ultra violet rays of the sun. However, if a hickey on your face happens to last longer than usual, then it would imply that you state of health is questionable. Another possible reason could be hereditary factors.

How Long Do Hickeys Last on Your Chin

Hickeys on the chin are exposed to the environment. Hence, such hickeys are expected to last the normal period of 5 to 12 days. However, it may generally take less time for a hickey on a man’s chin to heal than on a woman’s chin.

The reason is simple. A man’s chin is much tough than a woman’s chin. Therefore, it is more likely that a man may get only a light hickey on his chin. On the other hand, a woman is likely to get a more hash hickey on her chin. Obviously, a lighter hickey will heal faster than a hash deep hickey.

How Long Do Hickeys Last on Your Chest

Hickeys on the chest last a little longer that the usual time because the chest is regularly covered by the garments. However, a hickey on a man’s chest tend to last less long than the ones on a woman’s chest. The chest of a man is slightly tougher than that of a woman.

Therefore, a man would generally get a light hickey if any. Conversely, a lady may get a relatively severe hickey on her chest. Consequently, the hickey of a man’s chest will normally heal faster than that on a woman’s chest.

How Long Do Hickeys Last on Your Stomach

A hickey on your stomach will last a little longer than the usual healing time of 5 to 12 days. Nevertheless, the time taken for the hickey to heal is relatively less that the hickey in the inner thighs. Although the stomach may be always covered by cloth, the effect of the covering is a little bit less than in the inner thigh.

Lastly, you may want to give share your experience with hickey and how especially long lasted. Alternatively, you may just want to make an observation about how long hickeys last, or any other comment for that matter. Feel free to share your sentiments in the comment form below.

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