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Are you shorter or smaller than you desire? Is it your child? Naturally, everyone should love their height. However, you might occasionally wish that you were a bit taller. But is there anything you do to get taller? Different people grow at different rates and, certainly, there are factors that influence this. Probably, managing these factors naturally may increase your height. In addition, there are medical interventions that may be used make you or your child get taller fast.

Factors that Affect Your Height

If you are like ‘How tall will my son, daughter or child be?’ you are not alone. Many people ponder how they can increase their height naturally. But can you really become taller?

Apparently, how tall you grow is predominantly influenced by your genetic composition. In this regard, 60-80% of your height is determined by the genetic characteristics passed down to you by your parents. The reaming 20-40% is determined by the conditions in which you grow, including your diet and lifestyle.

However, your medical health may also be a factor that can influence your height. In fact, some medical factors may have adverse effects on your height. Medical problems that can affect your height may be genetically inherited conditions or illnesses acquired during childhood or puberty.

How to get taller -Your height is 60-80% determined by the hereditary genetic characteristics
Your height is 60-80% determined by the hereditary genetic characteristics

Many processes in our body are managed by hormones. Hormones are your chemical messengers in our bodies. The level of various hormones in your body hormones. One of the hormones that influence growth a great deal is called human growth hormone (HGH). The level of this hormone in your body, especially during the rapid growth stage, will have a significantly bearing on your height.

When the level of human growth hormone is significantly low, it leads to a condition known as human growth hormone deficiency. This is condition can adversely reduce the height of the affected individual, especially if the individual is in the rapid growing stage like children and adolescents.

Other factors that can affect your height include parental or postnatal care and exposure to harmful substances, including tobacco smoke during rapid development stages of a child.

How to Get Taller Fast Naturally

Maintain Proper Nutrition

Eat healthy: Our bodies are made up of bones, organs and tissues that are built up with nutrients from food. Proper nutrition will therefore certainly influence the size of our bodies hence the height. To eat healthy, simply embrace a balanced diet and avoid junk food. However, you may need to emphasize on certain foods that provide plenty of nutrients in case there is a deficiency.

  • Have adequate vitamin D will facilitate healthy bone development, which may largely influence your height You can get vitamin D from foods such as fish, mushroom, dairy products, eggs, pork, and adequate exposure to sunlight.

    Eat calcium rich foods like cheese to get taller
    Eat calcium rich foods like cheese to get taller
  • Get Enough Calcium: Adequate Intake of calcium encourages proper development of bones, which in turn increase your size and height. You can get substantial calcium from foods like cheese, soybeans, green vegetables, dairy products in general and fortified cereals.
  • Other Essential Nutrients: the other important nutrients should also be considered for proper growth and development. For example, you definitely need carbohydrates for energy and protein, which provide essential building blocks for growth.
  • Good Eating Schedule: Above all, develop proper eating habits in terms of timing. At least have three balanced meals in a day at relatively regular periods. You may have snacks in between the main meals to keep metabolism activities running for optimum physiological activities which, in turn, promote proper growth and development
  • Take supplements: in case there is a substantial deficiency in a certain important nutrient, consider using supplements to make up for the inadequacy faster and effectively. Using foods only might take a little bit longer and give room to the undesired effects of lacking the nutrients

Boost Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Since human growth hormone in the body crucially determines your height, make a deliberate effort to maintain proper levels of it in your body. Usually, it is the inadequacy of this hormone that results in retarded growth and hence height.

Therefore, ensure that you have the right level of this hormone. If there is a severe deficiency of this hormone it leads to a condition called human growth hormone deficiency, which requires specialized treatment as discussed later in this post. However, in case of mild deficiency, you can boost the hormone in many ways including:

  • Lose Body Fat: Work down your fats to boost your human growth hormone. Studies show that individuals with higher body fat levels tend to have impaired HGH production and an increased risk of disease.

    Lose of fats can help you get taller
    Loss of fats can help you get taller
  • Intermittent fasting: This refers to limiting eating to short periods. Intermittent fasting helps optimize your HGH levels in different ways. These ways include decreasing your body fats and keeping your insulin levels low for most of the day.
  • Reduce Sugar Intake: An increase in insulin has been found to lower HGH production. It follows that if insulin in the body is decreased, higher HGH can be maintained. You can reduce intake of sugar decreases insulin in your body.
  • Have super early before bed: Your body releases a significant quantity of HGH at night, although this happens through but in lower quantities. Therefore, higher insulin levels at night may hinder the production of this hormone. Insulin levels normally decrease 2–3 hours after eating. Hence having foods with less insulin earlier before bedtime will boost the production of HGH. In that connection, avoid high insulin foods like carbohydrates and protein before bed, or have them about three hours before you go to bed.
  • Take Supplements: There are supplements that can boost the production of the HGH in your body. You can use these supplements with your doctor’s prescription. Some of the common which may help boost HGH in your body include:
    • GABA Supplement
    • Melatonin Supplement
    • Beta-Alanine supplement

Optimize Your Sleep

Having adequate and quality sleep is a vital factor if you want to get taller. According to, “Many studies and researches suggested that allowing the teenager to sleep at least 8 hours or 11 hours at night will be effective in boosting their growth”. To ensure that you have quality sleep, have a regular schedule for sleeping period, including when to go to bed. In addition, a darker, quiet room will ensure better quality sleep.

How to Get Taller Using Height Increasing Exercises

Participate in height increasing exercises to keep physically fit and get taller fast. There are any height increasing exercises that you can engage in. The bottom line is to ensure that you are consistent and persistent in the exercise in order to realize your objectives.

Engage in Many Activities

Being physically active will certainly help you get taller fast. Physical activities stimulate physiological processes that promote growth, especially in children and adolescents. In addition, these activities help avoid certain conditions in your body that may be enhanced by inactivity. Activities that are encouraged to keep you physically fit and promote your height range from simple ones to vigorous ones. You may:

  • Engage in general activities include walking, running, swimming, Children can participate in activities such as hide and seek games, rope skipping and such like activities
  • Participate in competitive sports like football, volleyball, and athletics. In the company of the other playmates, you will be sure to do enough practice. In addition, the desire to win and shine in competitive sports helps make you zealous and hence naturally get adequate practice.

Reduce Inactivity Time

Always find something you can do, especially one that involves movement. Limit activities such as video games and long use of computers. They may be very enjoyable but they do not give you much physical practice. In case you have to engage in this activities, occasionally have breaks to do some physical practice.

Stretch Daily

During inactivity especially while sitting or just standing, your body muscles and bones press against each other. This compression may make you become shorter. To reduce the effect of compression, stretch your body every now and again.

Stretch and exercise regularly to get taller
Stretch and exercise regularly to get taller

At least take some time to stretch yourself in the morning, mid-day and evening. In addition, take breaks and stretch during long activities which are more of mental than physical. Some of stretching activities you can try include:

  • Stand in an empty space and stretch your hands sideways. While breathing in, raise them gradually as you elongate your entire body upwards. Continue until your hands are now stretched upwards above your head is at the highest point possible. Now release the stretch and the breath out gradually as you return to your hands and body to the initial standing position. Repeat this procedure several times.
  • You can also hang on a bar or tree branch and stretch your legs downwards trying to reach the ground. Do this for some time while taking rests in-between.

Do Yoga Exercises

Start doing yoga practice. Yoga poses can help stretch your tissues and make you grow taller. In case you have never done any yoga previously, start with gentle poses and advance the poses gradually to avoid having sore joints.

If you do not know yoga, join a local yoga class. Alternatively, you can yoga by watching yoga training broadcasts odd’s. Still, you can get free online yoga videos to assist you to do the exercises.

How to Get Taller Fast by Streamlining Your Body

In case there is no way you can make yourself tall, do not freak out. There is always something that you can to get your desired appearance. Simply work on your body appearance and get tall. In this approach, you do not actually make yourself taller. Instead, you make yourself appear taller.

This effect is achieved through adopting the right posture and putting on clothes and footwear that enhance your height.  This gives an impression that you are taller, rather than actually making you taller. All in all, this approach still gives the desired results.

Adopt and Maintain upright Posture

Did you know that your posture can add or subtract from your height? Hobbits like sagging your shoulders, leaning yourself forwards and standing such that you lean towards on leg actually make you look shorter.

Therefore, learn to keep your head and neck upright when you are seated. This will not only boost your height but also eliminate bad body posture that may lead to other health problems

Wear tight-fitting Clothing

Slimmer or tight-fitting clothes can do a great deal in accentuating your height. This is opposed to wearing baggy clothes, which would make you appear much shorter.

Both boys and girls can wear skinny trousers to achieve these effect. In addition to making you slim, they define your body features and turn the attention from your height to your body features. This combination works together to make you look taller.

For girls who like skirts, the trick can work for them too. They just need to opt for slim skirts that will make them ‘get taller’ by highlighting the length of their legs.

Wear Slimming Color Clothes

The color of the clothes you wear can help create an impression that you are slim. Black is one the obvious color that will never fail to make you look slim. Similarly, darker shades of colors such as purple, blue, green and brown can also help create a slimming illusion.

Wear slimmer or tight-fitting clothes to accentuate your height
Wear slimmer or tight-fitting clothes to accentuate your height

The overall effect of slimming colors is an impression that you are taller. This trick works for both male and female clothing in the same way.

On the other hand, avoid lighter colors such as white and khaki. This has the opposite effect of making you look heavier and hence shorter.

Wear slimming Pattern Clothes

The patterns on the clothes you put on can also play an important role in making you look taller. Generally, clothes with vertical stripes tend to make you look slimmer as opposed to those with round stripes. The overall effect of such dressing is an impression that you are taller.

However, avoid wearing contrasting colors for a top and bottom. This will not do you any justice. In any case, it will give almost the same effect of round stripes which will make you look shorter.

Adapt Height Boosting Hairstyle

Your hairstyle matters when it comes appearing tall. You probably thought that long hair will make you look tall. Surprisingly, short hair that does not fall down from your head is what to go for. So, use short hairstyle or medium hairstyles in case you don’t like very short ones.

Shor hairstyles take attention to your neck or necklace, thereby making you appear taller. Longer hairstyles that fall down to your shoulders will draw attention away from your neck and hence make you appear taller.

Use heels or Platforms Shoes

Not all people may enjoy heels or platform shoes. However, this is probably the easiest and fastest way of boosting your height. Unlike clothing tricks, which only create an impression of tallness, putting on shoes with raised heels technically enhances your physical height.

The extent to which these shoes will boost your height is your choice. There are heels of various height from shorter ones to high heeled shoes. In addition, there are designs specifically meant for women while others are meant for men.

Women Heels: Use high-heels to get taller
Women Heels: Use high-heels to get taller

Obviously, women naturally use heels and it may not at all look awkward for them even when they are visually raised by a big margin. In fact, taller ladies wish they were shorter to have an opportunity to put on heels. Nevertheless, be careful with high-heeled shoes as they may strain your legs.

Men heels: Heals can help you get taller
Men heels: Heals can help you get taller

On the other hand, most males may find the issue or heels rather strange. However, there are men shoes with higher heels although they may not be as high as those of ladies. As an alternative, men use heel inserts to boost their height without making their shoes look raised.

Bear in mind that boosting your height even by a half an inch results in a noticeable change in height. But remember that you need to have special skills to comfortably use high-heeled shoes. So you may need to take some training and practice before using them. Only use high heels when you are comfortable with them.

How to Get Taller by Growth Hormone Treatment

Possibly, your desire to get tall is be hampered by growth hormone deficiency. This is a condition that can seriously affect your growth, especially your height. Apparently, babies who are born with this condition or children and adolescents who acquire it after birth are the worst affected, as this is the time they undergo significant growth.

Growth hormone deficiency is a severe condition that may not be easily corrected by a nutritional and lifestyle approaches. Considering its adverse effects on the growth and general health of the patient, it is necessary to take robust measures to quickly deal with it.

Fortunately, those who suffer from growth hormone deficiency can seek a medical intervention called growth hormone treatment. This treatment refers to the use of human growth hormone (HGH) to correct the deficiency and encourage normal growth, especially in children and adolescents. However, the same therapy may be administered to adults.

Treatment in children and adolescents usually involves daily injections of the hormone, which may continue as long as the child is growing. Nevertheless, after monitoring the child’s growth, podiatrists may adjust treatment to one dose after every 3 to 4 months.

Usually, the treatment costs range between $USD 10,000 – 30,000 per year for every patient. Nonetheless, the cost of treatment may vary depending on the country where the medication is sought and size of the child.

Human Growth Hormone injections can help you get taller
Human Growth Hormone injections can help you get taller

In addition to increasing height, human growth hormone has many other desirable effects on the body of children. Some of these positive effects include:

  • It increases calcium retention in the body
  • It promotes immune system stimulation
  • It encourages the generation of glucose in the body
  • It reduces uptake of glucose by the liver
  • It increases the production of protein in the body
  • It increases muscle mass in the body
  • It helps maintain and improve functionality of the pancreases
  • It stimulates the growth of all internal organs apart from the brain
  • It promotes breakdown of lipids in the body
  • It helps keep various condition in the body at equilibrium

For Further details on HGH and other beneficial hormone therapies for various health problems you can follow this useful reference.

In adults, human growth hormone may not significantly increase height. However, patients who are found to be suffering from growth hormone deficiency are administered this therapy for various benefits which include:

  • Improved bone strength
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Decreased body fats
  • faster hair and nail growth
  • strengthened immune system
  • Improved circulatory system
  • improved blood lipid levels

During the treatment, HGH has to be injected into the subcutaneous tissue in order to get it into the blood stream. It cannot be administered orally.

There are various products that may be used to effectively cure human growth hormone deficiency both in children and adults.  You can obtain detailed information from a list of products that are recommended for the treatment of this condition. For more information on hormones useful reference

How to Get Taller Fast by Limb-lengthening Surgery

Limb-lengthening surgery is a special procedure can be used to make you get taller. This is treatment common for short adults, who are no longer significantly growing and hence their height cannot be influenced much by other approaches. However, if a significant increase in height is desired in younger individuals, this method is preferred.

Usually, it is rare for people to have surgery just to get taller. However, this method of treatment is commonly used to correct the legs of people who have one shorter leg. In this case, the objective of the procedure is to increase the height of the shorter leg to make both the legs have height rather than just make the individual taller.

In limb-lengthening surgery procedure, external fixators are often used to achieve the objective. The external fixers are either straight bars or circular devices. The fixers are then secured to the bones with wires, pins or screws during the procedure

During the surgery, the bones are either carefully broken or incised. The fixers are then attached in such a way that they pull the bones and the affected soft tissues apart very gradually in a process called distraction. In a day, the increase in length is about one millimeter. Eventually, new bones and body tissues and organs like skin, blood vessels, muscles, and nerves form in the area affected.

Video: Limb Lengthening Surgery Documentary

Video: How to Get Taller Exercises

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