How to Get Rid of a Hickey Quickly with Warm or Cold Compress, Finger Massage, Toothbrush, Baking Soda, Aspirin and Others

Learn how to get rid of a hickey with warm or cold compress. How effective is warm compress and cold compress in getting rid of hickeys? Can you use your finger or toothbrush to remove a hickey fast? Explore how to use Baking soda, and OTC medicine such as Aspirin to treat your hickey.

Do You Have to Get Rid of a Hickey?

A hickey is also known as a hickie, a love bite or a kiss mark. You do not have to get rid of a hickey, In fact, it usually fades away very soon. However, having a hickey on your neck, face or any other prominent area on your body may suggest that you engaged in romantic activities. Consequently, you may feel embarrassed if you think that people, your friends or parents know that you recently enjoyed romance. To avoid the embarrassment, you may need to get rid of the hickey quickly.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Quickly With Cold Compress or Warm Compress

Cold Compress (ice)

If you want to get rid of a hickey fast, use ice cubes to get a cold compress on the hickey. Cold compress can remove your hickey in a night, if it is not a severe one.  The results are even much better if the procedure is applied immediately you get the hickey.


  1. Put some ice cubes in a thin plastic container
  2. Gently apply a cold compress to the hickey for about 10 minutes.
  3. Remove the cold compress for some minutes.
  4. Do this several times in a day for about 2 to three days

Note: Instead of a plastic container, you could wrap the ice cubes in piece of cotton material or your towel. You should cover the ice cubes with something as they may cut your skin if applied directly onto it. Do not apply the cold compress on in case the hickey is on organs, as they may be damaged.

Warm Compress

This method is used to get rid of a hickey that has lasted for at least 2 days (48 hours). By this time, damaged vessels have healed. The redness is the blood that has pooled under your skin. This blood is gradually scattered and reabsorbed into the body. Massaging the affected area with warm water facilitates more blood flow into the area. This disperses the collected blood rapidly, making the hickey fade away faster.

How to get rid of a hickey warm compress
How to get rid of a hickey warm compress

Caution: You should not use warm compress before 48 hours elapse since getting the hickey. Unfortunately, this will only worsen the hickey. The damaged vessels might have not healed properly. Consequently, increasing blood flow in the affected area would only mean more blood flowing out of the burst capillaries, making the hickey more serious and conspicuous.


  1. Place a piece of cotton ball in hot water for a while.
  2. Remove the cotton ball from the hot water
  3. Let it cool to just a temperature that your skin can withstand
  4. Place the cotton ball on the hickey for about 10 minutes. Meantime, may rub it on the hickey in circular motion.
  5. Repeat this procedure several times in a day for about two day

Note: You may use a small towel instead of a cotton ball in case you do not have one

Can you Get Rid of a Hickey Rapidly with Finger Massage

You can get rid of love bites overnight by massaging it with your finger. This method is indeed very convenient because it does not require any piece of equipment. Furthermore, you are able to apply the method immediately you get the hickey without having to look for some equipment to use. This is particularly important because the earlier you treat the hickey, the better the results.

Massaging a hickey helps disintegrates blood clots to decrease its appearance. Also, it increases blood circulation in the affected area. This speeds up the healing process.


  1. Place your thumb at the center of the hickey.
  2. Apply some pressure on it as you slowly drag it towards the outer edges of the hickey.
  3. Repeat many times the whole day.

Note: You could also massage by rubbing your two fingers in a circular motion over the hickey. Rub them in one direction and then the opposite direction after a minute or two.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Quickly with Toothbrush or Tea Bags


You need a new toothbrush with stiff bristles to use this method. The use of a tooth brush is basically a massaging technique. However, it is a little different because the brush bristles have a slightly different massaging effect.

The massaging from the toothbrush helps to stimulate blood circulation and hence fade it away. The redness and swelling may at first spread but will certainly die out after about 15 minutes.


  1. Use a new toothbrush to gently brush the hickey and the surrounding area
  2. You may apply a cold compress to the area thereafter
  3. Repeat the procedure if the hickey does not heal on the first attempt.

Note: Depending on the severity of your hickey, this method may work at the first attempt or just cause the discoloration to spread a little. If you are lucky, it will help you get rid of a hickey fast.

Tea bags

Tea bags are a common and effective way to get rid of a hickey. You can use it black or green.

  1. Warm the tea bag in hot water for about five minutes
  2. Remove it from the water and let it cool a bit – just enough for your bare skin to withstand the heat from it.
  3. Place it over the hickey
  4. Let it remain there for some time
  5. Remove it once its warmth can no longer be felt on the skin
  6. Repeat this procedure two times a day until the hickey disappears

This method works best if your hickey is on the forehead as the compress is more effective for your skin there. The hot compress helps improve blood circulation, while the tea helps speed up the healing of damaged skin cells and blood vessels.

Can Sunbath or Solarium Get Rid of a Hickey

Go to solarium or to the beach for sunbath. The color of your skin will become the same everywhere. It is a good way of removing your hickey.

As your hickey heals, it produces a yellow substance called bilirubin as a result of the breakdown of hemoglobin in the clotted blood under your skin. Bilirubin may make your hickey seem to turn yellow before it heals completely. But when exposed to the sun, the ultra violet rays from the sun quickly break down the bilirubin. As a result, your hickey will fade away faster.

However, note that going to solarium may be a bit costly. Similarly going to a beach for sunbathes may expose your hickey to all the people you find there. So try to be all alone at the beach to keep your hickey secret.

How to Use White Toothpaste to Get Rid of a Hickey

White tooth paste may work well to remove your hickey. The result will be stunning if the procedure is done as soon as you get the hickey.


  1. Smear a layer of white tooth paste on the affected skin.
  2. Wait until prickling stops.
  3. Remove the toothpaste with a sponge socked in warm water.
  4. Repeat the procedure after one day if the hickey does not disappear on the first attempt.

Note: Use white toothpaste only. Do not leave it on your skin for long as it may dehydrate your skin.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Quickly with Vitamin K or C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C assists in the repair of body tissues. It, therefore, comes handy in treating hickeys since they are caused by damaged tissues. You can use vitamin C supplements or get them from fruits or vegetables.

If you decide to use vitamin C supplements, purchase them and use them according to the instructions given. On the other hand, if you decide to get them from fruits and vegetables, eat plenty of them. The fruits which are highly recommended for vitamin C include fresh oranges, raw tomatoes and cantaloupe (sweet melon). However, green or red pepper, may also serve the same purpose.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is well known to function as an anticoagulant i.e. it prevents blood clots. It can therefore be very instrumental in treating hickeys and bruises. You may use any of the approaches listed below:

  1. Apply vitamin K rich lotion or cream to the hickey and the surrounding areas. For effective results the application should be done two to three times a day.
  2. Use vitamin K supplements to speed up the healing of the hickey.
  3. Consume more foods rich in vitamin K especially dark green leafy vegetable e.g. kale, spinach mastered greens, beet greens, Swiss chard and turnip greens

Getting Rid of a Hickey Fast with Zinc or Iodine


Take 50-100 mg daily diminish your hickey. Zinc is helpful in maintaining healthy tissues. Do not take this high dose for more than two weeks without medical supervision.  , and a deficiency can lead to bruising.


Only use week iodine solution. Soak a piece of cotton wool in the solution and apply it on the hickey. Besides making the hickey vanish much faster, iodine helps conceal it and make it less obvious as it gets treated.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Quickly with Baking Powder or Baking Soda

Backing Powder contains backing soda and other substances. Instead of using pure baking soda, you could also use baking powder. Baking powder is a good remedy to your hickey when the hickey is still fresh.


  1. Dissolve as much of the baking soda in a little water. The solution will look like sour milky.
  2. Add a little common salt to the resulting solution
  3. Apply the creamy solution to the hickey.
  4. Wait for about 10 minutes before you wash it off.
  5. Repeat this process especially every early in the morning and at bed time for about 3 to 4 days

Note: Make sure that you mix soda with pure water. In case the water happens to contain other substances, it may react with soda to produce what may be harmful to your skin.  This will produce counter-productive results.

Can you Get Rid of a Hickey Fast with Alcohol

Alcohol may be the right agent to get rid of your hickey. Actually, it has cooling and soothing properties that help heal the hickey fast. Besides, it is a good disinfectant, the more reason it works best. To remove a hickey with this method, you need a cotton ball and the alcohol itself.


  1. Apply the alcohol to the affected area using a cotton ball.
  2. Massage the area for some time to ease the discomfort.
  3. Repeat the procedure many times a day for one to two days

Note: Since alcohol may dry your skin, apply some lotion on the area to moisturize it.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Quickly with Medicine

There are various medications that can help relieve the pain of a hickey and speed up the disappearance of a hickey.


Aspirin is widely used to relieve pain. However it can also be used increase blood circulation and help make hickeys disappear faster. Aspirin thins blood, improving circulation in the body. Use aspirin twelve to twenty-four hours after you getting the hickey.


Excedrin is an OTC that contains Aspirin, Caffeine, and Acetaminophen. Acetaminophen helps relieve the pain if your hickey is a serious one. On the other hand, aspirin and caffeine help to thin blood and increase circulation, hence help quicken healing the hickey faster

What if You Can’t Get Rid of The Hickey?

Hickeys will naturally disappear after one or two weeks if not treated. However, some other reasons may influence how long a hickey lasts. Generally, consult a healthcare provider about your hickey if it does not heal after two weeks. This is just to rule out possibilities of other health problems.

In the event that your hickey does not disappear as soon as you intend learn how to hide a hickey and cover it up until it heals completely. This will save you the embarrassment from your friend, parents and the general public. Still, in case you are unable to hide it, you can use excuses to explain your hickey and be at ease.

We believe that you have gathered good tips on how to deal with hickeys. Nevertheless, you can also get more on how to get rid a hickey with a coin, ice, spoon, chapstick, comp, bottle, lipstick or pen cap, an eraser, battery or credit card. In addition, you can still get rid of hickeys using peppermint, banana peel, mustard, turmeric, parsley, aloe vera, potatoes, pineapple, oranges and others.

Do you have any suggestions or comments you would like to communicate? Kindly share your comment or opinion about hickeys in the comment form below.

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