How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast With Peppermint, Banana Peel, Mustard, Turmeric, Parsley, Aloe Vera, Potatoes, Pineapple, Oranges and Others.

How do you get rid of a hickey fast? Learn how to remove a hickey quickly with peppermint, aloe vera, garlic, onions, mustard and apple vinegar. Are fresh turmeric, parsley Juice, fresh potatoes and cabbage leaves excellent in getting rid of hickeys? Besides, can you also use a banana or orange peels to remove a hickey?  This post presents several methods and home remedies you could employ to get rid of hickeys so that you can choose one that suits your situation. Continue reading to acquaint yourself with some of the best methods you could use to cure a hickey fast.

Why do you have to get rid of a hickey Fast?

A hickey is frequently referred to as a hickie, a love bite or a kiss mark. Often, having a hickey on your neck, face, cheek or any other prominent part of your body is likely to attract unnecessary attention and a curious excitement from your friends, parents or any people around you. Apparently, his may be rather annoying and embarrassing to you. Consequently, you might need to find effective ways of getting rid of the hickey the soonest and save yourself from such distressing giggle. This post discusses some of the best ways to get rid of hickeys.

But just how do you get rid of hickeys. Actually, different people will find different methods suitable for them, depending on the location of the hickey, severity of the hickey or the availability of the agents to be used. So read through the post to equip yourself with the methods of removing a hickey fast.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast With Peppermint or Cabbage Leaves


Do you want to remove your hickey quickly? Peppermint promotes blood circulation and helps repair damaged capillary vessels in the body. Hence it is very effective agent of treating hickeys fast. It works best if used soon after getting the hickey. Use any of the two procedures outlined below:

Procedure 1:

  • Gently apply a little peppermint to the affected area. You should not use peppermint more than once in a day as it may irritate your skin. Note that there may be a tingling feeling after applying peppermint but this should not be a cause for worry as it will fade away after some time.

Procedure 2:

  • In case you do not have peppermint, you can use peppermint-based toothpaste. Gently apply the layer of paste on the affected area and leave it there for some time. Wipe off the paste with a piece of cloth soaked in warm water as soon as the tingling stops. Use this method only once per day to avoid irritating your skin

Cabbage Leaves

To begin with, cabbage leaves may help a lot in reducing the conspicuousness of a hickey. Besides, they may assist in making it heal faster. Also, cabbage contains minerals and vitamins, which may help reduce swelling in the affected area.


  1. Soften cabbage leaves by placing them in water for sometime
  2. Apply them to them on the hickey.
  3. Leave the cabbage leaves on the hickey for at least an hour.
  4. You may need to repeat this process for better results.


  • To increase the healing speed, apply and leave the cabbage leaves on the affected area overnight.
  • Instead of softened cabbage leaves, you may extract cabbage juice from the leaves and make a paste out of it. Apply the paste and allow it to dry on the area affected by the hickey before washing it away.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast With Mustard or Apple Vinegar


This is a very easy method of removing a hickey. Just make a poultice of mustard. Spread it on a piece of cloth. Cover the hickey with the piece of cloth such that the poultice is applied to the hickey.

Mustard will help draw blood clot away from the hickey and hence improve blood circulation in the affected area. As a result, the bruise will die away and disappear. Furthermore, mastered helps relieves pain and swelling.

Apple Vinegar

Not so many people know use of apple vinegar to alleviate infection, selling and bruises.  Soak a compressor a cotton pad in vinegar. Gently massage the affected part of the skin with the compress to the bruise to relieve pain and swelling and fade it away. Note: Avoid getting vinegar in your eyes.

How to Use a Banana Peel or Oranges to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast

Banana Peel

How to get rid of a hickey with banana peel
How to get rid of a hickey with banana peel

The soothing and cooling properties which banana peels have can help heal your hickey fast. Follow the following procedure to eliminate the hickey with a banana peel.


  1. Cut a fresh piece of a ripe banana peel such that it is roughly same size as your hickey.
  2. Cover the hickey with the inside of the peel for about 10 to 30 minutes.
  3. Repeat this two to three times per day to fade away the hickey faster.

Oranges or Orange peels

Orange juice is very rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps synthesize collagen and other substances which strengthen skin and blood vessels. This enables fast and easy healing of bruises. Besides, Vitamin C has skin lightening properties which can help fade away the hickey faster. If used timely, oranges can eliminate hickeys quickly. To get the best results use any of the following approaches:

  1. Drink fresh orange juice immediately you get or notice a hickey to speed the healing process.
  2. Instead of drinking the juice, cut an orange and apply the cut surface directly onto the affected area.

How to get Rid of a Hickey Fast with Pineapple or Fresh Potatoes


This is rather a spectacular home remedy for a hickey, owing to its delicious nature.  A pineapple contains a crucial enzyme called bromelain which is great in dissolving blood clots. It also alleviates pain and swelling. This enzyme is often used by doctors to treat bruises and injuries to skin. It speeds up the process of fading away hickeys by breaking down blood protein coagulate that forms it.


  1. Cut a piece of fresh pineapple.
  2. Massage it of pineapple gently into the hickey for a few minutes.
  3. Repeat this procedure several times a day.

Note: Instead of a piece of pineapple, you can use a cotton pad soaked in pineapple juice.

Fresh potatoes

A potato has many medicinal properties. It is efficient when used to treat hickeys and other bruises.

  1. Cut a fresh potato and squeeze the cut surface on the hickey for about 20 minutes. This will apply the juice on the hickey.
  2. Using another fresh cut potato repeat the above procedure
  3. Do this procedure for an hour every day until the hickey disappears

Note: use fresh and ripe potatoes only. Do not use green ones as they may be toxic. Equally, avoid rotten ones as they may contain harmful germs.

Get Rid of a Hickey Fast With Aloe, Vera Strawberries or Parsley Juice

Aloe Vera

As a natural moisturizer, aloe vera helps reduce the sensitivity caused by a hickey. It also has soothing properties. It speeds up the healing of damaged blood vessels.


  1. Extract aloe vera gel from its plant.
  2. Apply and gently massage it into the hickey
  3. Repeat this procedure two to three times a day.

Note: You may want to use aloe vera based cream instead of gel in case you cannot get the aloe vera plant.


You could also use strawberries. They contain much salicylic acid which has a strong blood dissolving effect. Therefore, it can remove excessive blood from the area affected by a hickey and remove it. So just eat strawberries to eliminate your hickey.

Parsley Juice

Parsley is a herb that is usually added to vegetable as salad. This herbs facilitates re-absorption of blood to the damaged blood vessels in the inflamed hickey wound. This reduces the healing time of the hickey.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast Fresh Turmeric or Garlic and Onion Mixture

Fresh Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most effective natural methods of getting rid of hickeys. Many people are now using turmeric to get rid of hickeys. Massage fresh turmeric mixed with alum into the affected area.

Garlic and Onion mixture

A mixture of garlic and onion could be used to eliminate redness and swelling and heal your hickey fast. To get quick results follow the procedure outlined below.


  1. Get equal proportions of onion garlic and salt.
  2. Chop the onion and garlic separately.
  3. Combine them and add the salt.
  4. Mix them thoroughly to obtain a uniform paste of the ingredients. You could use a blender to facilitate the mixing of the ingredients.
  5. Place some of paste on a piece of cloth or cotton wool.
  6. Compress the paste onto the hickey.
  7. Repeat this procedure three times a day for 2 to 3 days.

Note: To prevent burns that may damage your skin:

  • Cover the hickey and the surrounding area with fabric and compress the paste over it.
  • Ensure that the compress does not last for more than 10 minutes.
  • The compress should not be done more than once.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast With Margarine or Cocoa Butter


It goes without saying that you may often get a hickey in sensitive areas such as on the breast or belly. Use of ice, cold compress or warm compress may not be appropriate in such sensitive parts. There is a way out still – use margarine. Apply margarine into the affected area to relieve pain and swelling. Besides it will help speed up fading away the hickey.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter can be a very successful healing agent for bruises including hickeys. It moisturizes the skin and stimulates the repair of damaged skin tissues. Use margarine in the following ways:

  1. Apply cocoa butter to the affected area and massage the area for a while.
  2. To increase its effectiveness, apply cocoa butter after a warm compress.

You can use olive oil or almond oil if you can’t get cocoa butter.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast With White Hazel or Arnica Balsam

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has many properties that make it appropriate for getting rid of love bites. First, it contains tannins which tighten skin proteins. The resulting protective covering prevents bleeding and speeds up healing. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that helps cure the pain and inflammation causes by the hickey.


  1. Soak a cloth in witch hazel tea.
  2. Apply it on your hickeys several for a few minutes
  3. Repeat this procedure several times a day

Arnica balsam

Traditionally, arnica salve has been used to cure sore muscles, sprains, strains and bruises. A hickey is a bruise as a result of love bite. Although it is widely used to make a cream or gel to relieve pain, it can equally be used to cure your hickey. It functions by stimulating the activity of white blood cells, thereby increasing blood circulation. This in turn reduces the time required to eliminate the hickey.

Can You Use an Egg or Fresh Meat to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast?


Use of eggs is one easy and popular home remedy for getting rid of love bites. However, eggs can only be used to remove the hickey if it is a minor one. So before employing this traditional method, check that the hickey is not serious. Furthermore, ensure that the bruised skin does not have cuts. On ascertaining that the hickey is a minor one:

  1. Put an egg in cooking pot with water.
  2. Heat the water until the egg becomes hard-boiled.
  3. Remove the egg from the cooking pot and let cool a bit.
  4. While still warm, roll the egg on the hickey continuously until it becomes cool.
  5. Repeat this procedure at least three times per day.

Note: You may use the egg with the shell or without the shell. In case you want it without the shell, remove the shell before rolling it on the hickey.

The heat from the egg and the massaging effect of rolling the egg on the hickey help to relieve pain and increases blood circulation. This reduces blood clots in the hickey, making it fade away and disappear faster.

Fresh meat

Meat! Yes, fresh meat can help remove your hickey fast. This method is appropriate for a newly acquired kiss marks.


  1. Get a piece of fresh beef
  2. Apply a fresh piece of beef on to the hickey.
  3. Keep it there for about 15 minutes.
  4. Repeat the procedure after about 30 minutes.

Note: Remember to clean the hickey area after you are through with the procedure.

 How to Rid of a Hickey Fast With Pepper, Cockles or Coffee Powder


Pepper helps disperse the blood clot, making the hickey fade away and disappear quickly. Furthermore, pepper will also relieve pain and swelling in the hickey. So, it is a good remedy for hickey removal.


  1. Apply black pepper oil to the hickey.
  2. Massage it into the hickey with a cotton ball or your finger
  3. Repeat this procedure three times per day


For a long time now, cockles have been used to cure blood clot and bruises caused by impacts as a result of falling or being hit by something. In the same way, they can be used to fade a hickey fast. So, always keep cockle shells to help you heal a hickey faster, just in case you get one.


  1. Get some clean cockles shells.
  2. Crash the cockles into powder.
  3. Mix the cockle powder with water or wine.
  4. Drink the resulting solution.
  5. Repeat this procedure twice a day.

Coffee Powder

Coffee powder works well on hickeys, especially those around the eyes.


  1. Spread a little coffee powder onto a moist bandage.
  2. Cover the hickey with the coffee powder on the bandage.
  3. Let the bandage stay on the hickey for about one hour.
  4. Repeat this procedure twice a day to fade it away the hickey fast.


Even if not treated, hickeys naturally go away in about 5 to 12 days. However, hickeys may last a bit longer due to various factors. Visit “How long do hickeys last?” for more information. If there is no good reason your overstaying hickey, consult a healthcare provider, just in case there may be other health issues.

If somehow the people around you notice your hickey, find a quick excuse. Luckily, there are many suggested excuses for a hickey. You can choose a convenient one for yourself from among them or just find your own.

We hope you got a suitable and convenient way of removing your hickey in the methods discussed above. However, you can also use warm or cold compress, finger massage, toothbrush, baking soda, aspirin and others to remove a hickey. Still, you can make your hickey go away quickly with a coin, ice, spoon, chapstick, comp, bottle, lipstick or pen cap, an eraser, battery or credit card.

In case you have any other useful way of getting rid of a hickey, or any other observation you would wish to make, do not hesitate to share it in the comments section below. It will certainly go a long way to help others deal with their hickeys.

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